Study Germany Free Tuition!

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Study Germany Free Tuition!

Study Germany without tuition & IELTS/TOEFL

Germany the most advanced and forward block country for the time, people also call Germany the country of perfectionists!

Availing a higher degree from Germany is most valued in any fields of education whether this is a Business, an Engineering, Arts or a program in ICT field always worthy in the job field or in the business market.

For almost every countries around Europe, Americas and other valuable study destination language proficiency test like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE are must have common criteria to assess the level of language proficiency if courses and programs are taught in English, basically , testing the Reading, Writing and listening capability of a student.

There are many leading universities in Europe and the Americas are sometimes ask for pathway course as pre-requisite of entering the main degree if the students complete their under graduate degree from home country. The course duration usually 9-15 months of length. If a student have under-grad degree from home country but which are not equivalent to their intended higher degree criteria, they must have to do a pathway or foundation course to qualify for the main degree program.

Countries like Sweden, Norway, Poland and Germany sometimes accept ” Medium of Instructions” from the respective institutes where students previously completed their education. English medium schools/colleges and study in English of any specific degree always get preference in this case.

Students can avail a certificate of “MOI” from their respective institutes, boards(if required).


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