How to find the best institute and the best subject!

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How to find the best institute and the best subject!

Here would not discuss a heavyweight essay. But I would try to light on some matters regarding how to choose the best institute of your choice and moreover how dilemma pop-ups in our mind while choosing a dream subject to study!

You might bypass while watching some top ranking ( real top ranking) Colleges and universities around! Then go for a checklist to search and find the best options- where to get in! Whether in your home country or abroad, so the huge list will markup in front of your eyes!

Ok, you have determined about a country you can afford to go and found a University for your graduation or post graduation? Won’t you think about your expenses, your living and getting the subject of your choice which might spin your future career path in 90-degree position!

Ok, Ok, you finally set up with a course of your likewise, you dreamed of… But are you getting real satisfaction with all you have had in your mind! The present trend, due to globalization and information technology at its up—student can just pick a University on their finger strip, so they leave behind their home country from the list of their choice! Earlier, Bangladesh had only government Universities for higher educations, but few private and local with an overseas blended Universities succeeded to catch eyes of students. NSU is the premier hen to name a lot in the list- Brac, American International University, IUB, International Islamic University, EDU, Southern, BGS Trust, East-west University, Premier University in Chittagong, USTC, UTS, etc to name! We are trying to present a tray with a handful of the menu to choose institutes from local government and the private sector. If you find someone or some agents who can help you to get a hassle-free admission to their choices (subjects), so why not let your country first! Besides this, we have other choices for going abroad! United Kingdom comes first, then count- USA, Canada, Australia, China, Malaysia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and India have their track on your way!

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