Facts why study in China

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Facts why study in China

Study in China

China officially called People’s Republic of China, A country in east Asia and the world’s most populous country. China is the 3rd largest country in the world.

China, also the world’s largest economy and among the most technologically advanced country.

Education and Higher study facts:

1.China has one of the world’s largest education system ( As per QS)

2. At least 1500 public universities in China

3. China is the most popular study destination in the world and is now number one in Asia in terms of popularity.

4. The highest amount of Chinese students go abroad for higher study that is the highest numbers than any other countries. Chinese students favorite destinations are UK/USA/AUSTRALIA/CANADA etc.

5. There are many universities in China secure the world ranking as per QS & THE, Peking University one of them- QS ranked 47.

6. China Education system controlled by Chinese education board

7. There are 2 medium of study, Chinese and English medium.

Chinese central government and local government provide different types of scholarships for the local and overseas students.

Students also can study with a tuition free and in some cases students with distinctions can get stipend which amount varies 700/1500/1800/3000 RMB per month.

China is striving to bring most modern education technologies to attract more students from around the world!

There are some popular subjects which students can choose to study for bachelors and masters, such subjects are-


Engineering- Chemical, Electronics, Civil, Aerospace/Aeronautics

Medicine- Traditional Chinese Medicine, MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy etc.

Three dimensional map of China in Chinese flag colors.

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