Best European-Scandinavian destinations!

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Best European-Scandinavian destinations!

In Scandinavia, College tuition fee is free. In other most popular destinations, college tuition fee is increasingly unaffordable. In a highly competitive global economy, which country do you think will have the best-educated workforce and competitive advantage?

must make tuition free in public colleges and universities. This is because
every person in this world who has the ability and desire should be able to get
all the education they need regardless of the income of their family. This is
not a radical idea. In Scandinavia and many other countries, higher education
is either free or very inexpensive.


The popular
Swedish expression goes, “Världen kommer till Sverige.: (Translation: “The
world comes to Sweden.”) This sentiment holds true across the entire
population, particularly when it comes to higher education and international
students. New marketing efforts and a government push indicate that Sweden will
increasingly gain traction as a popular international study destination.

1. Europe’s
Finest: Lauded for rigorous yet well-designed curricula, Sweden’s academic
institutions consistently claim top rankings — both in Europe and

2. A Job
Market Edge: Swedish degrees are internationally prized — particularly in the
areas of business and technology. In fact, many foreign students who choose to
study in Sweden do so largely because of the career opportunities that await
them when they graduate.

3. Language
Matters: While undergraduate courses are taught in Swedish, English is on the rise
in master’s level courses. In fact, of all of Europe, Sweden comes out ahead of
nearly all other European countries when it comes to English-taught master’s

Supremacy: A renewed government commitment to the STEM sector gives engineering
students new access to a Swedish education. How much so? By 2018, approximately
1,600 new civil engineering spaces will open for students, according to Swedish
business daily Dagens Industri. The country is also revving up its investment
in the life sciences.

Scholarships Abound: While the foreign student enrollments took a temporary hit
following reforms implementing new tuition fees, the gap is closing thanks to a
rise in the availability of academic scholarships. The country’s desire to
engage foreign students and enhance internationalism and research mobility is
also exemplified by extensive marketing campaigns to universities all over the


dramatic fjords may top your bucket list, but these natural wonders are far
from the only reason to consider Norway for your international education. Here
are five top reasons why Norway makes the grade as a top study destination.

1. An
Unbeatable Standard of Living: If living well is your end game, then look no
further than Norway. The UN consistently ranks Norway — eight times in a row
and counting! — at the top of its annual list of best countries across factors
including global wealth, education and health and safety. Throw in the troll
dolls, and why wouldn’t you want to study here?

2. Foodie
Fun: Norway’s has a thriving fishing industry….along with the fish to show for
it, including world-famous pickled herring, mackerel and salmon. But the
country’s celebrated cuisine encompasses far more than fish: from waffles with
sour cream and jam filling to an abundance of adorable cafes, you won’t go
hungry here. Luckily, you’ll also have access to plenty of exercise thanks

3. Winter
Fun: Skiing has been Norway’s national pastime dating back to 5100 B.C., and
long snowy winters continue to make it an amazing place for skiers and
snowboarders. But summer has plenty of offerings too thanks to 24 hours of
sunlight…along with the festivals and celebrations that go along with it.

4. Embracing
Innovation: While Norway is often acknowledged for its rich past, it has an
equally bright future thanks to a national mindset which prioritizes knowledge,
technology and innovation.

5. A Native
Tongue: While Norwegian is Norway’s primary language, English is a predominant
as the country’s second language. Norwegians began studying Norwegian in
primary school, so by the time they hit university age, they’re well-versed.
While speaking the local language is always a plus, it’s entirely possible to
live in Norway without knowing a word of Norwegian


already established that Denmark is in transition, but that doesn’t mean you
have to cross it off your list. While the path to becoming an international
student in Denmark may have some new roadblocks, here are five reasons why the
journey is worth taking.

1. Real
World Skills: Denmark’s premier higher education system is focused on
transforming knowledge into solutions. While traditional lectures remain part
of the curriculum, industrial collaboration and independent initiative are skills
that cross over to the real world in an innovative and meaningful way.

2. Got
English? Denmark does. With more than 500 degree programs and a whopping 1,300
courses taught in English, the possibilities are nearly endless for students
looking to polish up their English skills while studying abroad.

3. Green is
Good: Denmark was recently declared the “Top Market for Green Investments” by
the GGEI (Global Green Economy Index) for its dominance in green innovation and
investment. Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, meanwhile, has earned the
honor of being the world’s most environmentally advanced city.

4. Culture
Club: Can you say Vikings? From these famed Middle Age marauders to the
contemporary cool of Copenhagen, Denmark is a stunning mix of the old and the

Whether you
check out Hamlet’s castle or attend the country’s world-famous music festival
Roskilde, there’s something for everyone here.

5. Be Happy:
With so much going for it, it’s not exactly a surprise that Danes are known for
being happy; in fact, the country consistently ranks as one of the world’s
happiest countries. And did we mention that Denmark boasts the world’s lowest.


If you’re
wondering where Estonia fits into the puzzle, you’re not alone. This Northern
European country toes the line depending on the criteria, and many Estonians
consider themselves more Nordic than Baltic. But regardless of whether it
qualifies, Estonia — with one of the world’s fasted growing economies and a
commitment to innovation — has plenty of offerings of its own when it comes to
offering international students a unique higher education opportunities. Read
more about why Estonia is leading the technological academic revolution and why
you should study in Estonia.

countries may not immediately come to mind as premiere international study
destinations, but it’s not for lack of offerings. When pondering their study
abroad options, many forward-thinking international students are electing to
look beyond conventional choices and think Nordic.


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